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Ventilation systems usually comprise a single or a variable speed fan connected via a network of ducts, filters and dampers to either a single room or to multiple rooms serving a variety of functions such as: -

Commercial Kitchens and Fume Extraction Systems

Commercial Kitchens are usually served with the use of a Canopy designed to extract cooking fumes in accordance with HVCA Specifications document /DW172 coupled with a fan and ductwork usually running to the highest point in the building or filtered using a variety of filtration systems including Carbon, UV and other types of air scrubbers. Filtered Fresh air is usually introduced to compensate for the extracted air and air-conditioning provided for the comfort of the kitchen staff.

Fresh air supply

Filtered and tempered Fresh air is usually supplied to habitable spaces or to compensate for extracted air.

Toilet & Bathroom Ventilation

Foul air is usually extracted on Room by room or through the use of Central Extraction Systems designed to comply with local authority regulations using a variety of single and twin fans together with a variety of ductwork arrangements including rectangular and round spiral ducts. Silencers and fire dampers are usually used where necessary.

Whole House Ventilation Systems

Continuous Balanced extract and Fresh air is provided using heat exchanger units of various capacities, ducted usually with clean fresh air to habitable rooms, and foul air being extracted from dirty rooms such as bathrooms and utility rooms. The systems can be set up to operate on background trickle setting boosted to high ventilation rates with the use of manual switches, PIRs or Humidistat’s.

Constant Pressure Fan Extract Systems

Usually comprising variable speed fans and pressure sensors with special terminals fitted into bathrooms and utility rooms providing background extraction, boosted with the use of PIRs on occupation.

Staircase Pressurization and smoke extraction systems

Cross contamination control such as in pharmaceutical factories and in Hospitals.

A large variety of fans are available from simple domestic fans with built in PIR and Over Run Timers to large commercial Twin & Bifurcated Axial and centrifugal fans (Forward and Backward Curved).

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